Thursday, March 20, 2008

Response to Address by Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan

I really liked Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan's Address at the 2008 Adelaide Biennale. This is not so much of a traditional review, but rather an attempt to capture sense of the work. Hope you enjoy it.

Piles. Tower.
Boxes. Stuff.
Room. Doorway.
Clothes. Books.
Sheets. Blankets.
Maxtor Basics
personal Storage.
Toshiba CD/DVD
Player. Reader’s
Huckleberry Finn.
The Way.
American Pie.
Spice World The
Movie. All Saints.
Jenny Craig’s 28
Moments. Isolated
moment. Making
Life Better –
Brisbane City
Church. Better Life?
CDs. Scottish Artists
Vol 1. Matchbox 20.
My Documents.
Kan-Tong. So Much.
How much?
750 pieces.

Shadow Theatres
& Shadow Films.
Sugar. Little Women.
Harpic. Foaming Blue
Block Twins. Raving.
Ace Ventura Pet
Detective. REM –
Everybody Hurts.
Bottle. Fake flower.
Authentic. Real.
Here. CD Player.
Tin. Grandmother.
Bike helmet. Printer.
Clothes. Again.
Xmas tree.
Bookmarked book.
Wrapped box.
Secrets. Stuffed
toy bat. Gears. PC
Keyboard. Make
it work. Empty fruit
container. Empty
Room. Multicoloured
drinking straws.

Miniature Chinese cabinet.

139 Boxes. The smell.
Christmas decorations.
Fruit Juices. Gremlins 2.
Black & Decker.
Encyclopaedia of
the World and its
People. Teddy bear
jigsaw. Videos. The
Animated Tales of Hans
Christian Anderson.
Children, but no
children. 6 coasters.
Books. Marry In Taste.
In The Long Dark.
Where Love Has
Gone. Family Circle.
Pledge – Duster Refill.
Knitted mermaid.
Dolly Fiction – What’s
Wrong With Anna?
Overwhelmed. 30 Days
to a more incredible
you! Action-man trapped
in a plastic bucket.
Treasury of Poems.
Tartan. Introduction to
Sociology. Quiet.
Being & Doing. A
Taste worth finding.
Go Maths! Helen’s.
Harry Potter and the
Philosopher’s Stone.
What Katy Did. Boys
On The Side. 500
piece Puzzle.
Australian Tax
Handbook 2007.
Handle With Care
Store in a cool dry
place. Telefunkin.
Funky. Sharp.
Sliced Pineapple.
The Riddle of the
Rivers. Mallee Root?
Classic Dustbuster.
Not new and
improved. The World
& Australia. Separate.
Together. Elite. The
Fever Peaks. Enough?
Fame Puzzles.
Maggie. Sweet Valley
Twins. The Twelve
Million Dollar Note.
Dealing With Difficult
People. Brad Pitt –
Hollywood Hunk.
90210. Men in Black.

Me... Menzies.
Australian and
International Fine Art.

Good art.
A World of Dreams,
Friendship, Fun,
Laughter and more!

Challenging the Men.
Asia through Asian eyes.

H’ITS Awesome ’86!
Diego’s Tennis Ball.
Trafalgor First Aid
Kit. Ultra lite. Baileys.
Family. White Pages.
People everywhere.
Brisbane Injury
Lawyers. Clothes.
Annie Proulx. Mad
Jake. Robinson Crusoe.
Busy days. The Psychic
Circle. Esky. Garlic &
Parsley Mini-Baguettes.
Mmm, Food. Comforting.
Clifford, My Best Friend.
Shenzo’s Electric
Stunt Orchestra!

Fat Burner. New Body.
Australia & World War
One. People from
everywhere. Seas of
Land. Prisoners &
Gaolers. Solid Room.
Built from Memory.
Family. Soothing
smell. It’s all junk.
Nothing. And
Everything. The
Whole World.


Lauren Sutter said...

This is great! I had so much fun reading it, especially getting lost in the rhythmic patterns of it all. I love the "Paint-A-Gnome! Go. Home." - gold!

Nerina Dunt said...

I finally saw 'Address' a couple of weeks ago. It's a remarkable installation and I think your piece captures so beautifully the magnitude of the work. Good stuff!

Alfredo+Isabel said...

Just to let you know that the Project "Address" was exhibited at the "Concrete Culture" exhibition at the Ivan Dougherty Gallery, COFA in Sydney after Adelaide Biennale and is now being shown at the 2nd Singapore Biennale of Contemporary Art "Wonder" exhibition.
the work will continue to travel to Manila and to Barcelona and Madrid. We are still hoping to find a permanent 'address' for this piece. thank you very much for your 'response' to our work. Alfredo+Isabel