Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well, it was bound to happen. When writers get together one of two things could result:

1. Everybody gets overrun by egoism and indulgence, and nobody gets anywhere.

2. Something spectacular happens on a truly grand scale.

Although this blog is but a humble beginning I have little doubt that it can be pruned by skilled hands to flourish into something fruitful. I hope that this can be a place of inspiration, exchange, and community - a feeding and breeding ground for creativity and exploration. Or, at the very least, a common ground from whence to test the lingual waters before diving into the publishing pool.

What more can I say but to forth, Adelaide writers, and expose the arteries of Adelaide culture and the beating pulse of the arts!


Polly Dance said...

Firstly thank you Lauren for setting up the grounds for the plantation to grow. May many seeds be sown.
Leading on from what you've spoken about I was talking Phip yesterday at the UN mag launch about how the time is so limiting and that the enthusiasm must continue, so we can keep sharing our writing with each other... and the world (ah!)
Just think... maybe we could create our own little UN? :O

Polly Dance said...
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lucimarcuzzo said...

Hi there fellow Critical bloggers!

Since returning to Mildura I have been full of inspiration... and even some talk of setting up a Mildura based arts blog too!

I hope you are all coping with the extended heat wave, we have been experiencing similar temperatures here too!

Ciao for now,

Lauren Sutter said...

Oooh... a Mildura blog too?! How exciting! I'd love to keep updated on whats happening - I hear about some awesome stuff happening over there! That said, this blog is not limited to Adelaideans - we'd love to see your stuff here too!

Looking forward to reading more,