Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Calling for Submissions!"

Point-blank is a student run arts publication and is calling for arts writing submissions NOW!

This amazing opportunity is open to all those currently studying, working or teaching in any arts industry in South Australia.

Point-blank is looking for interesting innovative and thought provoking writing about art in and around Adelaide at the time of publication. It can be any style of writing (e.g. creative, theoretical, reflective, critical, a recipe, interview, experimental, etc.). We ask that the writing be limited to 200-500 words and be paired with a corresponding image.

The cut-off date for submission is 5pm Monday, April 14th
The first edition of Point-blank will be launched Wednesday, April 30th

Email the text as a WORD rtf. or WORD doc. attachment and the accompanying image as a 'jpeg' attachment.

Please send your submission/s to:

Direct any questions or enquires to:

I look forward to your involvement.
Thanks and happy writing,

Polly Dance
Editor of Point-blank


Lauren Sutter said...


Are you having a launch for this?

And will there be another issue? If so, please keep me posted - I'd love to put something in!

Lauren Sutter said...

Hey Polly,

Will there be another edition of this coming out sometime? I'm so excited about Point Blank - please keep us in the loop!!!!